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Heavy-Duty Synthetic Diesel Oil 15W-40

Product code : ADPQT-EA
• Delivers 4X more wear protection1
• Minimizes oil consumption
• Excels in extreme temperatures
• Helps keep trucks and equipment operating at peak performance
• Offers outstanding value
• Helps maximize equipment life
• Helps reduce maintenance costs and downtime


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  • Third-party testing shows Heavy-Duty Synthetic Diesel Oil delivers 4X more protection against wear than required by Detroit Diesel’s* standard.1

    1Based on third-party testing in the Detroit Diesel DD13 Scuffing Test for specification DFS 93K222 using 10W-30 as worst-case representation.
    *All trademarked names and images are the property of their respective owners and may be registered marks in some countries. No affiliation or endorsement claim, express or implied, is made by their use.
    • Resists oxidation and the thickening effects of soot contamination
    • Retains viscosity after high-temperature service for added engine protection and increased fuel economy
    • Provides up to 66 percent less oil consumption2

    2Than required by the API CK-4 standard in the Caterpillar-1N oil consumption test
  • Heavy-Duty Synthetic Diesel Oil provides up to 66% less oil consumption.L

    L Than required by the API CK-4 standard in the Caterpillar-1N oil consumption test.
    • Provides outstanding protection and performance in hot and cold temperature extremes
    • Delivers improved heat and oxidation resistance compared to conventional diesel oils
    • Flows dependably in cold temperatures for easier startup and improved engine protection

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